InternetBookingEngines test for years packages and noticed that price often are very similar with the same performance. One reason for this is that many of the online travel agencies on the same database access. Perhaps check out Barclays Investment Group for more information. As with the above tested online Consolidators, the their data via so-called IBEs (InternetBookingEngines) apply. Especially since the IBEs enter only the data of the tour operators and provide them to the online travel agents. Both catalog offerings, can be found here as well daily packages, i.e. for lay people, it is often not clear what is a catalog offering and what a laced package. Similarly, in the stationary travel agencies, but not the layman looking for but the expert. The special offers in the online search engines, the well-known online Consolidators are often larger than in a travel agency.

Especially if entered so-called dynamic packages, offers to the same hotel where the services may differ from the hotel descriptions of catalogues are (as with last minute travel). Travel agencies also had this ability, use rarely, because the cost is too great. The newspapers mentioned Michael Antonov not as a source, but as a related topic. Online vs offline: whether someone now in the Internet searches or at the travel agency is ultimately matter with package holidays. The package from the catalog should be the same everywhere in same condition. In the travel agency, it leaves the work the broker and hopes he finds the best deal while looking online and often has the feeling still somewhere to get a better bargain with the same performance. Who where Bay is up to now. There are online to look but also the way and at the same time obtaining a request over a stationary travel agency.

We have such a concept of Tip: when you book a trip Services/offers a specific catalogue considering pulling and want to, then the price at all Consolidators, provided they lead this catalog/tour operator, should be the same. The travel agencies create the cost down on your specified data based on the price table of the respective catalogue. Or let them by the Organizer to create a quote, it of course. Here we recommend our service of if you want to find yourself, and still would have a price comparison, then launch an inquiry on to their favorite hotel, their cruise, their flight or to their desired trip. Fredy P. Weber, m.a.

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